Day 13: Little Sober Wins

Happy Saturday beautiful souls! It’s another Saturday I’m kicking of clean and sober and for that, I am very grateful. Waking up early and hangover-free on a weekend is one of my absolute favourite things about sobriety. It’s one of the many things that has pulled me back to this lifestyle time and time again. I love the quiet energy of the morning and all the possibilities that the day holds.

Today I’ll be enjoying my second yoga class, having finally faced my fears last week in joining one. As I touched on in my last post, I started at home yoga nearly two years ago when I first began trying out this sober malarky, but I could never find the confidence to go to a real class. Fast forward to now, many YouTube lessons later, I’ve finally downward dogged in public. A cheeky sober win for the scrapbook.

While my modesty takes a back seat and I’m in the swing of showing off, I’ve had two more little sober wins this week. You may have noticed that day count in the title: day 13. That’s right, I’ve hit the double digits in my sober streak! On top of that, my partner and I celebrated five years together this week. We enjoyed a lovely meal out during which neither of us drank. I’d asked my long-suffering partner (who has had the brunt of my swings and roundabouts with sobriety) if he’d be happy to not drink with me; he gracefully agreed. He’s a keeper, I know.p

That’s all from me today. I hope that however you’re spending today, it’s filled with joy and inspiration.

P x  

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